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Molecular principles of membrane microdomain targeting in plants

Konrad and Ott (2015); Trends in Plant Science


Plasma membranes (PMs) are heterogeneous lipid bilayers comprising diverse subdomains. These sites can be labeled by various proteins in vivo and may serve as hotspots for signal transduction. They are found at apical, basal, and lateral membranes of polarized cells, at cell equatorial planes, or almost isotropically distributed throughout the PM. Recent advances in imaging technologies and understanding of mechanisms that allow proteins to target specific sites in PMs have provided insights into the dynamics and complexity of their specific segregation. Here we present a comprehensive overview of the different types of membrane microdomain and describe the molecular modes that determine site-directed targeting of membrane-resident proteins at the PM.

Konrad SSA and Ott T (2015); Molecular principles of membrane microdomain targeting in plants; Trends in Plant Science 20(6): 351-361.