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Mini-Plant-Microbe meeting - Postponed until further notice!

Mini conference and doctoral and postdoctoral candidate fair on molecular plant-microbe interaction research.


Meeting postponed until further notice!

The aim of the meeting is to hire outstanding young researchers for a high-quality German doctoral degree in life sciences or as postdoctoral researchers in the field of molecular plant microbe interactions. The doctoral program is entirely taught in English and includes both individual research and advanced training courses. Students benefit from the quality of research and teaching at the Faculty of Biology of the LMU Munich, the TU Munich and the University of Tübingen. Student exchange programs between the three universities will be offered and advanced training courses in high resolution microscopy and imaging techniques, computational biology and genomics, CRISPR-Cas and Golden Gate Cloning and Metabolomics. Doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers will be part of a stimulating research environment both at their hosting university as well as within shared projects between all three universities.

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Master Students and doctoral candidates with a strong molecular plant-microbe, biochemical, computational or genetics background are invited to register for the Mini-MPMI2020 meeting taking place in Munich on October 1st 2020. To register please follow this link (now open for registration) to the GraduateCenterLMU online application tool. Registration deadline is the 19th of September 2020. World-leading scientists of the field of plant microbe interactions located at three excellent universities of Southern Germany, namely the LMU Munich, the TU Munich and the University of Tübingen, will present their current projects on “molecular plant-microbe interactions”. Participating Master students will have the opportunity to present their Master thesis in a “one-minute Pecha Kucha talk” in a web-based conference

Interested? If you want to register, please click here!

All participants of the Mini-MPMI meeting are kindly invited to join our Symposium on "Plant health and infection control" on October 2nd. The Symposium will highlight the importance of plant health (2020 is the international year of plant health) and infection control for the 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. The LMU Munich, the TU Munich and the EKU Tübingen together with our collaborators from the University of Cambridge will share their insights into plant health and infection control and how their research might contribute to the SDGs of the United Nations. This will be a great opportunity to meet and discuss with experts about SDGs and plant microbe research and get inspired by the potential of the SDGs.