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Job opportunities

We are continously seeking new members for our teams and thus motivate talented students and researchers to actively apply for a position with the different group leaders.
Please be specific about your desired research area in your application, we cannot answer unspecific ones.

PhD student applicants, please note that the Faculty of Biology is successfully running the graduate school "Life Science Munich (LSM)" for which applications must be send in prior to certain deadlines announced on the LSM web-site and will be considered after the deadlines of the announced calls. However, in exceptionally qualified cases, we also consider individual direct applications for PhD projects. Please note that in any case you must hold the necessary formal qualifications for a PhD studentship at a German university, should have relevant practical lab experience and should provide at least two letters of reference.

For postdocs, we expect that you have published (or are close to publishing) at least one first-author paper in a major international journal. Please provide a brief synopsis on the projects you conduct and on topics of our lab that you are particularly interested in. Please also state why you think that you will match the requirements of the individual teams.

For direct applications
- include a 1-2 A4 page long project proposal for the advertised position.
- explain on a separate page what makes you specifically qualified for the advertised position.
(If both are not included, it is very likely that you will receive no reply) 

Current vacancies in the individual teams:

Research Group BOSHART
currently no funded positions for PhD/postdoc. Qualified applicants willing to apply for fellowships are welcome.

Research Group PARNISKE (updated September 2019)
A position for a postdoctoral biochemist (income level TVL E13, 100%) is available in the team of Prof. Dr. Martin Parniske in Munich, Germany, to study the biochemistry of plant transcription factors. For more information click here.

2 PhD positions are available in
a) Spatio-temporal dynamics in the composition and function of the CCaMK/CYCLOPS complex. 
b) Sequence adaptations in the symbiosis receptor-like kinase (SymRK) enabling nitrogen-fixing root nodule development.
For more information on Position a click here, for Position b click here.  

The Graduate School LSM (Life Sciences Munich) announces a call for applications! The next opening will start on October 1st!