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Confocal Microscope

Our Leica TCS SP5 MP (Ti:Sapphire laser) spectral FLIM (2 FLIM detectors) CLSM
is located at the Biocenter, room G03.058 (contact Thomas Ott).

Telephone CLSM room is: 74711 (comment: be aware that mobile phones often do not work in this room).

If you (temporary) need the full version of the Leica-AF software, two licence-dongles are available (the software can be installed on any PC, but runs only if the dongle is plugged in).

The free LAS-AF-Lite software for the SP5 can be downloaded from the Facility for Imaging by Light Microscopy (London), at the free software for image analysis and visualisation pages. There are also further links to SP5 compatible software (ImageJ, CellProfiler, Leica software, Improvision volocity 'lite' - you need to register, nice 3D features).

The Becker & Hickl FLIM photo counting software (currently version TCSPC 2.80, for our setup) is freely available on request. The FLIM handbook - shortened to specifically deal with our FLIM system - is available on request.

  • CLSM booking

    Once registered (contact Thomas Ott), you can reserve the CLSM for your work using our online booking system. more

  • CLSM technical data

    Here you find the technical data of the Leica spectral SP5 MP FLIM CLSM run at the Genetics more

  • CLSM rules

    This section provides rules that are required for appropriate handling of the SP5 CLSM. All users have to familiarise themselves with this section. more

  • FLIM information

    Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging (FLIM) is, e.g., used for physiological studies or for protein-protein interaction studies. For the latter, it allows the measurement and imaging of FRET interactions - allowing super-resolution measurements at below 10 nm.
    Our FLIM setup is a Leica implemented high-end Becker and Hickel system. A spectral FLIM (with 2 FLIM detectors) system is attached to our SP5 CLSM, together with a pulsed (80 MHz) Ti:Sapphire laser (710-990 nm, tunable). more