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Equipment Service

High-end equipment is expensive and usually not used to full capacity by a single workgroup. Therefore, the aim of central units is to provide all scientists in the LMU Biocenter with access to specific equipment, which was acquired either by a workgroup, a section, or through special grant initiatives. In exchange, running costs and potential repairs are paid for by the central unit via user fees, wherever possible.

In the Equipment Room of the Genomics Service Unit (G02.039) you can find a growing number of instruments, predominantly for gene and gene expression analysis.




pcr_cyclers96-well thermocyclers

A total of six thermocyclers are available: one MJ-Research PTC-100, two MJ-Research PTC-200, and three Applied Biosystems Veriti. All of them are in 96-well format, four have temperature gradient functionality.














real_time_cyclerBiorad 96-well real-time thermocyclers

Four different Biorad 96-well real-time thermocyclers are available: iCycler, iQ5, MyiQ, and CFX96.





The Agilent Bioanalyzer can be used for capillary electrophoresis of RNA, DNA, and protein samples. Currently, consumables are available for RNA and protein analysis.




workstationWorkstation for data and picture analysis





pipettesElectronic multi-channel pipettes