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Members of Genetics are involved in a number of outreach activities, explaining the basics and relevance of Genetics to school children, teachers, the general public, and the scientific community. We want to educate, inform, and inspire a passion for discovery in biosciences. Examples of our activities are:

For School Children

For the General Public

  • Integrated School Lab "Genetik macht Schule"
    Every summer semester Genetics is inviting around 10 school classes for one-day lab courses on the subject of genetic fingerprinting. These courses are conducted by specially trained teacher students who also visit the schools for introductory lectures.
  • STEM Youth Academy "Youth Science Club"
    Members of Genetics are organizing a science academy for selected school children (8th-10th grade), where they are discussing a topic of their own choosing over the course of one school year. The events also include lectures of guest scientists, excursions, and practical lab work.
  • MINT-EC-Camp
    In collaboration with Gymnasium Dorfen, Genetics organizes a one-week-long course on predictive DNA forensic and microbiom research for 12 specially motivated school children.
  • Unitag
    Each semester, the LMU provides a curriculum to 30 highly gifted school children to get to know all faculties and university life. Genetics is participating with a practical course introducing DNA isolation.
  • Kids University at the VHS Sauerlach
    School children between ages 8 to 12 are introduced to topics relevant to their daily life, ranging from genetics, microbiology to symbiosis and pathogenicity.
  • Jugend forscht
    Genetics offered summer lab courses (from 2012 to 2014) to the Bavarian winners of "Jugend forscht", a German youth science competition. Members of Genetics are also among the evaluation committee and are supporting individual student projects.
  • Symposia: Sustainable food production
    In frame of the LMU-Cambridge strategic partnership we conduct a yearly symposium on sustainable development and strategies for food production. 
  • Science meets School
    Genetics is member of "Science meets School", a platform fostering contact between schools, teachers and interested organisations to scientists. Activities include lectures, symposia, practical courses, and guided tours through research facilities (Münchner UniMagazin 02/2017).
  • Open House Day
    Every year, the LMU Biocenter welcomes the public to an all-day program full of talks, information stands, tours, and experiments. And Genetics is actively participating, of course.
  • Studium Generale
    Members of Genetics are offering lectures on currents topics like epigenetics and the microbiome in the "Studium Generale" project of the VHS Holzkirchen.

For Teachers

For the Scientific Community

  • CAS Research Focus "Biology of Genomes"
    The Research Focus "Biology of Genomes" of the LMU Center for Advances Studies (CAS) addresses current issues of genomic research and its various implications for society. In recent years biological research has entered the postgenomic era. "Biology of Genomes" explores how genome biology is transforming science and society under the conditions of our so-called 'postgenomic era'.
  • International Workshop "Sustainable Phosphorus Management for Future Food Security"
    Genetics was co-organizer of this interdisciplinary workshop exploring the possibilities for saving and recycling phosphorus (CAS, summer 2016).
  • CAS Research Focus "Evolutionary Biology"
    Within the CAS Research Focus "Evolutionary Biology" Genetics organized the international workshop "Phylogeny meets Genomics" in summer 2015. This workshop explored the potential of comparative genomics at different phylogenetic levels, ranging from the comparison of ecotypes or individuals of the human population, to trans-kingdom genome analysis.